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The Mazda Digital Certified Program offers you industry leading partnerships, products and services to effectively optimize your digital marketing efforts.

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The DEP website platform was designed with a unique, customer-centric design. All website features, from navigation to image optimization, were built within our responsive platform to give your Mazda customer the quickest, easiest car-buying experience possible. Regardless of device, customers will have a completely hassle-free browsing experience that one else can match. The ease of use of our platform is the reason why no sites generate more leads than Dealer eProcess.

Dealer eProcess developed its website platform from the ground up, and is the only company in the industry that utilizes 2nd-generation RESS Responsive technology. RESS design ensures that your website functions perfectly on any device to give your customers the best possible web-browsing experience. With a true RESS site, every aspect of your website is optimized across all devices, giving your customers a fluid experience across all platforms. Schedule an online demonstration by calling 877-551-2555.

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  • Hero Banners
  • Parallax Backgrounds
  • Home Page Video
  • Card Layouts


The Spanish speaking market is by far the fastest-growing market segment in the entire country. Spanish language sites on the market are poorly translated (if at all), using translate tools that misinterpret your message, and cause confusion for the customer. Having a Spanish language site built from the ground up to reach out to this large, affluent demographic allows you to communicate to Hispanic shoppers in a way that your competitors are not. Data shows that Hispanic searchers who communicate exclusively in Spanish tend to share more promotional and high-equity content than those who prefer to communicate in English, and even more still than general population influencers. This means that building a Hispanic following today has a very good chance of growing into a strong referral network as years go on. The bottom line here is that if you look to the future, you’ll see that more and more businesses will have full Spanish sites. Getting to the party early gives you a chance to dominate this growing market and make it difficult for your competition to catch up once they finally get on board.


CAROi is the ONLY system in the industry that can tell you if your digital marketing dollars are actually selling you any cars. When the CAROi system is linked to your DMS, any phone calls, chats, web form leads, or website plugins that can be matched to a sale, get reported within the digital marketing reporting dashboard. With CAROi, you’ll finally know where your marketing profits are coming from, so you can focus on the areas that make you the most money and eliminate waste.


In the past it used to be all about the VDP. But these days, the Search Results Page (SRP) is truly where the magic happens…so long as your SRP can perform the way it needs to. With today’s shoppers increasingly going to their mobile devices to shop for cars, the amount of pages a customer views on websites is going down. This means you have less of a chance of your shoppers actually getting past the SRP on your site. Because of this, your SRP has to have some serious functionality in order to convert more of your web traffic. This is why we built our SRP to be the most functional and robust SRP in the industry.

Our SRPs include all of the following features not found anywhere else:

  • Largest vehicle photo size
  • ALL vehicle photos
  • Custom pricing display
  • Rebate calculations
  • Custom call-to-action buttons
  • Video integration
  • Monthly payments
  • 3rd-party integrations
  • Window stickers
  • Brochures
  • Side-by-side vehicle comparisons
  • Detailed vehicle information
  • Vehicle comment


For the customer that wants to take an even closer look at individual vehicles on your website, we’ve developed the industry’s most complete Vehicle Details Page (VDP). When a shopper gets to the VDP, they’re typically looking for information that goes beyond the plain old “vin details” of that car.

Customers really want to dive in and learn what makes that particular vehicle special, which is why our VDPs come standard with the following information:

  • Monthly payments
  • Vehicle details
  • Installed options
  • Trade-in evaluation
  • Unlimited customizable pricing fields
  • Used vehicle original MSRP data
  • Vehicle inventory videos
  • 360˚ interior and exterior views
  • Owner’s manuals
  • Brochures
  • Window stickers
  • NHTSA Safety Crash-Test Ratings
  • Green score ratings
  • Vehicle awards & accolades
  • Vehicle window stickers
  • Automated incentives, rebates, and specials program


With DEP’s Mega Menus, website navigation is quick and easy. Within this complete menu system, customers can find everything from complete inventory listings to current parts and service coupons. The customer never has to dig into your site to find the content they need because our Mega Menus bring it straight to them. Plus, by incorporating more relevant website content into the menu bar, Google gives your site more authority than ever before.


Google has trained the world on how to easily search for anything they’re looking for, and we feel that your website should offer the same familiar experience. With our real time site search, customers can simply type in whatever they’re looking for, and the site will automatically present them with all the website content that matches their search. It’s the “Google Experience” on your own website!


Website chat platforms have become the norm in the automotive industry. Chat is a great solution that allows you to speak to each customer in real time and gives you the best chance to get them offline and into the store. However, not all chat platforms are created equal. Dealer eProcess has invested a great deal of time and effort to create the most effective chat program for your store. Below are some features that make our chat platform better than the rest.

DEALER MANAGED: Using Dealer Managed Chat, dealerships will have the ability to log in to the industry’s best user interface, via desktop computer or mobile app, and manage live chats by department initiated from a customer requesting help on the website.

HYBRID: Some dealerships like to manage their own chat, but most aren’t available 24/7. That’s where we come in. Your dealership can watch chats in real time and be able to jump in and take over the chat from our trained live chat agents. This allows the dealership to have the best of both worlds with 24/7 live chat coverage.

PERSONALIZATION: Our chat tool can bring up recommendations based on what vehicles a customer has shopped for. It’s the “Amazon Experience” rolled into your chat platform. This highly-customized chat does a great job of producing higher engagement and generating more high-quality leads than ever before.


Let’s face it, the car-buying experience is a long process. Customers are constantly browsing different dealer websites looking for the best price. With our Price Drop Alerts, if a customer visits your site and finds a car they’re interested in, they can sign up to receive alerts if the price on that vehicle ever changes.

Once the customer has opted-in for Price Drop Alerts, a simple change in a vehicle’s price will automatically send that customer an email alerting them to the fact that the car they’re interested just had its priced reduced. This draws them back to your site and, ultimately, right into your showroom.


Imagine knowing every move a customer makes on your website. iSPY is a real time digital magnifying glass; identifying customers’ vehicle interests and activity.

iSPY sends alerts to your CRM at the moment customers are navigating your website, giving you the perfect opportunity to make your connection. iSPY dealers increase customer connectivity rates 500% versus your ordinary BDC process.


One minute ePrice is the classic “Get ePrice” button on steroids. With our One Minute ePrice, not only will customers be submitting their contact info to the dealer, but our website system will simultaneously send out an email displaying that customer’s personal ePrice.

Instead of simply displaying the price of a vehicle for sale right at first glance, the unique Unlock-Price feature hides the price until the customer chooses to ‘unlock’ and submit their contact information.

Both features assist in generating more leads for your store and makes the car-buying experience easier for your customers.


With the eAuto Payments pricing tool, customers can start the deal online for an engaging, secure shopping experience. Customers can calculate a monthly payment based on real-time credit data and receive an expected price for lease or finance options.


eAutoAppraise is powered by NADAGuides and BlackBook. With this #1 lead-generating tool, customers will not only know what their car is worth, but get pre-approved in real time with a firm offer of credit via the industry’s top credit bureaus.

This one-of-a-kind tool gives dealers ultimate control over the offer price for any vehicle, connects to new vehicle incentives and special programs, displays dealer inventory matches, and gives the consumer the ability to upload pictures/videos of their trade-in. Plus, this fully-responsive tool is guaranteed to work flawlessly on any device.


CreditMiner is the automotive industry’s only real time pre-screen/pre-qualification provider. Its proprietary software platform provides the industry with permissible full file bureau data from TransUnion and Equifax. CredtiMiner is integrated into Virtual Credit Consultant, DeskMiner, eAutoAppraise, and most leading CRM & Equity Mining companies within the automotive space.

Dealerships will finally have a true credit snapshot of its prospects allowing them to match the right car to the right customer with the right financing options every time.


Parts websites have dominated this massive ecommerce segment for years, leaving dealers with nothing but crumbs. Well now the tables have turned.

With our online parts catalog, customers can easily shop your parts store. From any device, shoppers can quickly find the parts that they need and place their order directly on your site. You can now start to gain a bigger piece of the multi-billion dollar aftermarket parts segment and start generating more cash for your store.


The VSC is a one-of-a-kind scheduling software developed specifically for auto dealerships and independent repair facilities looking to make an impact in their service departments online. The virtual assistant will walk customers through the process, offering complimentary services to begin the upsell process before they even drive up to your service lane. This leads to more ROs and more profits!


You might not realize it, but website personalization is everywhere. Personalization is the act of changing the content on a website after a user visits to make it more relevant to their own personal shopping experience. Think of the last time you went to Did you see images of items you recently browsed? Did you see related items? Were there offers that were completely relevant to you? Of course there were.

With DEP, your dealership website can have the same functionality. Once our website platform identifies what vehicle(s) a customer is most interested in, the website will change to feature those vehicles the next time the customer comes back to your site. This deeper level of connection between the consumer and dealership is what makes our websites the highest-converting websites in the industry.


Offering customers gift cards to come into your store is nothing new. But presenting customers with targeted offers based on what they’ve viewed on your site, how far they are from your dealership, and other personalized information, changes the game. With our logic-based DriveCentive platform, gift card offers can be strategically placed in front of the right customers to give them that final push needed to get them into your showroom.


Most people open up their smartphone before they even get out of bed in the morning, so it’s crucial for your website to fully integrate with this technology. With our Apple/Andriod integrations, we can send everything from directions to coupons straight to the native apps on your customers’ phones, putting all of your best content directly in front of them.

Make the smartphone your new business partner with all of the great integrations between your DEP site and the Apple and Android systems.


These days, more and more shoppers want things done their way. That’s why we see consumers going to Tier 1 sites to personalize their vehicles more frequently than ever before. However, the problem is that when a consumer builds a car on an OEM site, all dealers in the area have to now fight over that lead. If a consumer can build a car on your site, then you’re the only one that owns that opportunity.

Our Advanced Vehicle Configurator lives on your site and gives your consumers the ability to build and price cars with only you. This keeps them on your site and offers a great SEO boost as well.


The way a vehicle is priced on your website can be the difference between getting a lead or letting the customer slip away. With the Dealer eProcess Pricing Manager, you can ensure that all of your vehicles are correctly priced and displayed in a way that makes them the most appealing to your customer base. Never lose a customer because of price ever again.


The ability to create brand-new web pages on the fly is critical for the health of your dealership and your website.

This is why the DEP Dynamic Page Builder is such a critical tool. Not only is it the only page builder in the industry with automotive-specific widgets, but it also is fully-responsive. This means you only have to build the page once and it is optimized for all devices. Creating great content has never been easier.


The finance application process in your store just got a whole lot easier. With our DealerTrack & RouteOne integrations, the finance application on your website is sent straight into those systems.

This integration streamlines the process of getting a customer’s finance information into your system, so you can spend more time doing what you need to…selling cars!


When a customer writes a review about your store, good or bad, you need to know about it. The Dealer Watch system constantly monitors the internet and alerts you whenever your dealership gets mentioned on any major website. This simple tool allows you to better handle your online reputation, and monitor your competitors’, and ensure that yours is the most reputable dealership in town.