Mazda Digital Certified Program

The Mazda Digital Certified Program offers you industry leading partnerships, products and services to effectively optimize your digital marketing efforts.

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L2TMedia’s value-added digital marketing solutions (paid search, display, video, SEO, reputation management, social media) improve the performance and profitability for your dealership, based on business goals.

  • Our people and products keep up with ever-changing technology and best practices.
  • Our innovative and expert team guides you through determining strategy, assigning the proper budget, executing campaigns and tracking results.
  • Our proprietary My Access Point platform allows you to measure the effectiveness of live campaigns with real-time reporting.
  • L2TMedia leverages a higher level of support from its partners: Google, Bing and Facebook.

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L2TMedia Paid Search

  • We build, optimize and fine-tune every aspect of your campaign
  • Your campaigns are driven by human intelligence while leveraging automation through technology.
  • Our specialists analyze every account to identify trends and make necessary adjustments to improve overall performance.
  • We optimize media spend to maximize return to help you while reaching your goals.
  • L2TMedia leverages a higher level of support from its partners: Google and Bing.

L2TMedia Display Advertising

  • We guide the creative and placement process to ensure we serve the right message to the right car shopper at the right time.
  • We expertly leverage these display products: Remarketing, Behavioral, Contextual, Location-Based Targeting, Model-Specific Remarketing, Gmail-Sponsored Promotions and Dynamic Display Advertising.
  • L2TMedia leverages a higher level of support from its partners: Google, Bing and Facebook.

L2TMedia Video Advertising

  • We use advanced targeting options to ensure your video is seen by in-market car shoppers.
  • We work to make sure the budget is spent only on people who want to see your ad.

L2TMedia Paid Social

  • Unleash Facebook’s targeting options to drive more qualified traffic to your website using the power of in-market shopper data from Polk and Datalogix
  • Retarget audiences to capture customers you know visited your website
  • Lookalike audiences who share traits similar to your customers and website visitors

L2TMedia SEO

  • Our SEO specialists work with you to understand your specific goals and optimize your website accordingly.
  • We're constantly evaluating our tactics to ensure they reflect those that will help your site achieve and maintain strong organic visibility.
  • We use data that shows us exactly where SEO adjustments need to be made, ensuring that the appropriate pages of your dealership website are optimized to the fullest extent.