Mazda Digital Certified Program

The Mazda Digital Certified Program offers you industry leading partnerships, products and services to effectively optimize your digital marketing efforts.

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Choose Showroom Logic as Your Mazda Certified Digital Advertising Provider

Grow your market share with Showroom Logic’s data-driven digital advertising solutions that include inventory-based paid search and display, retargeting, video advertising and cost-effective conquest campaigns. We create a digital battle plan for your Mazda dealership’s most important models and segments using automotive-specific, Google-award-winning technology and service.

Our strategic, targeted approach to designing your campaigns is proven to drive the highest possible ROI and is powered by our proprietary, industry-leading ZipDriven™ and AdLogic™ technology platforms. Find out how our precision-focused digital advertising helps you capture more in-market buyers on Google, Bing, AutoWeb and YouTube while saving ad dollars.

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Inventory-Driven Paid Search on Google & Bing

Target local buyers with the industry’s most effective and results-driven search engine marketing strategies for Google & Bing and our high-quality conquest channel. Custom campaigns are created by our award-winning team of certified experts and run on our award-winning AdLogic platform. Our unique payment platform, Boost, increases leads and decreases cost-per-lead by injecting accurate, compliant lease and loan payments into digital ads to attract payment-driven shoppers.

Inventory-Driven Display

Grab their attention with eight unique styles that advertise your real-time inventory. Our automotive-specific engine creates dynamic ads for your new and CPOV inventory, driving the greatest possible ROI with proven, tested designs and messaging. Our clients get unprecedented access to our curated list of over 6,000 display network sites that consistently drive shoppers to dealerships.

Retargeting on the Google Display Network

Keep them coming back with vehicles and incentives tailored to their search behavior on the Google Display Network, which includes over 2 million websites and 650k apps.

Conquest Marketing on AutoWeb

Get a cost-effective, high-quality approach to conquest (and Brand campaigns, too!). Overcome the high CPCs and low quality scores associated with traditional conquest efforts. Through our exclusive partnership with AutoWeb, we’re able to build highly targeted conquest and brand campaigns with low, fixed cost-per-click pricing. Stay ahead of the competition with a conquest strategy that works.

Boost Dynamic Payment Injector

Drive 30% more shoppers with by dynamically displaying real-time lease & loan payments in each vehicle text and display ad.

Dynamic Conversion Pages (DCPs)

Turn online visitors into shoppers at a fraction of the cost with Google award-winning DCPs. Payment transparency drives more buyers to your dealership. Continuously tested and optimized to maximize ROI.

Video Advertising on YouTube

Get in front of the 92% of in-market car shoppers who use video and research to buy cars. Engaging & customized video ads created for your new and CPOV vehicles with offer-based and “why buy” messaging.

Know Exactly How Your Campaigns Are Performing with Transparent, 24/7 Reporting

Own your Google and Bing accounts and know exactly where every dollar of your budget goes with true transparency. Access detailed campaign analytics and reports. Monitor campaign performance 24/7.

Don’t waste valuable time and money on blind marketing. Demand complete visibility.

Before You Can Grow Your Market Share, You Need to Know Your Market Share

ZipDriven™ Market Share Growth Optimization

Find the biggest opportunities in your market with our proprietary ZipDriven technology. Using market registration data, this powerful tool shows you which vehicles - and which zip codes - you should be targeting to grow your market share. View data through a variety of insightful reports for all your makes & models.

Leading Edge Innovation & Service Puts You Ahead of the Competition

Google Innovator Award

Our conversion-rich AdLogic platform helps dealers get more ROI out of their digital marketing and made us the only Automotive Partner to win this prestigious Award.

Google Customer Satisfaction Champion

Staying focused our clients’ success and bottom line helped us earn the highest customer satisfaction scores, beating every Google partner to earn this prestigious honor.

Google Mobile Performance Award

Recognized for the cutting-edge mobile campaigns we create for our dealers, we were the only auto-specific partner to earn this award.

Showroom Logic’s “4 T’s” Help Mazda Dealers Succeed