Mazda Digital Certified Program

The Mazda Digital Certified Program offers you industry leading partnerships, products and services to effectively optimize your digital marketing efforts.

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Sell more cars with PureCars. A Fully Unified Platform Across Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Display, And Video

Car shoppers aren’t just looking at one online source before they make their purchase-- they’re visiting over 20 sources online before making a decision. Your advertising should reach shoppers across them all.

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Optimize Digital Fixed Ops with PureCars

Increase your CPRO volume and average dollar per RO. PureCars Fixed Ops campaigns help you to protect your OMA from independents, maintain repeat business and drive more service-to-sales leads, all while taking first mover advantage of the space.

Search Advertising

Capture in-market service customers Google & Bing, increase service market share in your PMA and boost profits for the dealership. Service campaigns are optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile with price, call and location extensions.

Social Advertising + Waze

Retain current customers (using CRM matching), target lookalikes, engage with customers on mobile and prompt them to submit service requests. With Waze, you can advertise to customers with search ads, takeovers and navigation directions directly in-app. Capitalize on the hyper-micro moment, the epitome of “need it now” and report real attribution through navigations and calls.

Display & Video Advertising

Convert shoppers into buyers with aggressive offers. Keep your service department and its’ core competencies top-of-mind and push customers down the funnel on big-ticket ROs.